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Italian With Kim

Italian Tutoring and Conversation...

Tailor Made for You

el método de las italianas para un vientre plano sin dejar de comer pan, pasta o chocolate

Do you have a beautiful reason to learn Italian? Food, travel, fashion, "amore", family links?  I understand that connection, that passion.  Let's make that come alive...

Take an adventure to transform your life, open you to new possibilities, with all the encouragement and necessary skills you'll need.

Italian with Kim tailors your experiences and knowledge to guide you through the magnificent doors of learning Italian.

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy"

Giuseppe Verdi

Benvenuti a bordo!

Why Learn Italian?


Reach your full Italian conversational potential, regardless of experience. As a trained, compassionate second language teacher, I get to know my students, so our lessons are customized to your world.


With 15+ years' teaching Italian, and with my "over and above personal gifts of charm, encouragement and superlative skills" (per one of my students), I establish an inclusive learning environment that leads to your success!


I share my love for teaching with your passion for speaking Italian, in a convenient, affordable platform, with dynamic strategies, which bring Italian to life.

Why Pick Us?


Free 30-minute try-out class

Book a familiarization session before you commit

Personalized, structured lesson plans

A step-by-step guide to teaching and learning activities, language-learning objectives, and assessment methods based on student requirements and current language level.

Italian language learning material 

Audio recordings -- Instructional videos --Reading material --Webinars

Customized teaching practices

Group lessons with interactive teaching methods and 

One-on-one lessons with focused teaching methods based on individual need

Affordable pricing

Individual lessons for your everyday needs: learn Italian as a conversation starter/builder, and speak efficiently!

Upgrade lessons: advance your Italian for exam preparation / language certification / citizenship).

Specialized lessons for your individual needs: learn Italian for travel/ professional/ business and immerse in the culture!


Our Services

Making Pasta
IMG_20180910_140630 (1).jpg

Paolo T

        I have taken Italian lessons before.   But with Kim it is finally coming together.  I am first generation Italian-American, I love Italian food, wine, cars and culture.  Kim is helping me check off my last box, "learn the language".  My goal is to impress my relatives when I go to visit them in the Venice area.  Kim is working wonders to help me reach this goal.

Karina Ortiz.jpg

Karina O


I learned so much in one class already!! She was patient and made class so fun. The hour went so fast. I can't wait for our next class, she was prompt and on time and we took advantage of every minute. I can tell right away she had experience teaching! I'm glad I connected with her!

Making Pasta
Julian Segura.jpg

Julian S

Amazing Tutor!

Passionate, patient, high energy. Kim has a solid understanding of grammatical rules, a solid teaching method and beautiful Italian pronunciation along with enthusiasm that is contagious.

Success Stories


Tel: 858.344.1921


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