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Our  Key Features

Free 30-minute try-out class

Book a familiarization session before you commit

Personalized, structured lesson plans

A step-by-step guide to learning activities, language-learning objectives, and assessment methods tailored to your requirements and current language level.

Italian language learning material 

Audio recordings

Instructional videos

Reading material


Customized teaching practices

Group lessons with interactive teaching methods and

One-on-one lessons with focused teaching methods based on individual need

Affordable pLANS

Individual - Italian lessons for your everyday needs: If you are looking to learn Italian as a conversation starter/builder, and speak it efficiently...

Upgrade - Italian lessons for your upgrade.  If you are looking to advance your Italian (exam preparation/language certification/citizenship)...

Specialized - Italian lessons for your individual needs:  If you are looking to learn Italian for a specialized reason (tourist/ professional/ business) and immerse in the culture...


Flexible class scheduling

Use our online calendar to pick dates, times, and even durations for your future classes that fit your schedule, and we'll work with your schedule!

Hands-on student services 

If you have a question, query, or simply require support in any area, get in touch to resolve it immediately

Assessments & Evaluations

Receive a personalized progress report after every 20 hours of lessons to see how much you have advanced

One-on-one with the tutor

Discuss the way forward and talk about your challenges to address your needs


Refer a friend and get a 30-minute lesson absolutely free of charge!

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Our Services

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Ready to Learn Italian with Kim? Let's find the ideal package for you! 

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