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  • Italian, the “language of love”, is still one of the most beautiful languages in use today. Learning Italian has no limits and is an important gateway to world renowned artistic, literary, religious and political histories.

  • With Italy's business and tourism industries, and those of cuisine, automotive, and fashion, learning Italian is not only an asset for personal growth, but also a critical avenue to the global economy.

  • Whether you're reading Elena Ferrante, or a biography of the brilliant (but terrifying) Caravaggio, or learning to make your favorite Italian dish, learning Italian is one of the most intriguing and exciting art forms. 

  •  Proficiency in languages is a skill that allows you to engage with the world more intimately and meaningfully; it stimulates the brain, boosts problem-solving skills, and improves memory...

  • Learning a language creates a fire within, a passion, and a goal!  I understand this personally, having learned Italian as a second language.  



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